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How this website earn for living


Just like you before when I started exploring and searching for the answers to my question about web-site and how this website earn for living legitimately.  At first, I am too skeptical, I read a lot about testimonials, ratings, reviews, compare this and that, reviews from different product users based on searching all across the world.  When I started exploring I discovered that having a website of my own really helps to share with the world, what I have in mind and my purpose of helping people and it really blessed me in return and I reach my journey.  Likewise, the concept of sharing is caring is really true.  Its value carries thru not just to one person but for many people, with a kind-hearted purpose.


Essentials to help you earn for living


The ideas in mind are the first thing, I have in the list before starting my website name. I’ve tried my best to come up with simple site and that’s when I discover my interests, topics and


I assemble the ideas in mind. It’s the first thing I have in the list before starting my website name.  I’ve  my best to come up with a simple site and that’s when I come up with interest to pursue topics and my purpose why I would like to put up my website or web-page and share to the world wide web.  Helping other people is my main purpose why I would like to create this site. As my reader to give you an idea on how you could classify your interest below is my list for you that maybe of help.


Topics that will help you classify contents


ü      Personal Blog

ü      Store Site, E-commerce Site,

ü      Food and Recipe Blog

ü      Entertainment

ü      Travel

ü      Fashion

ü      Gadgets and Technology

ü      Giveaways

ü      Reviews

ü      Hobbies

ü      Financial

ü      Forex Trading Ideas

ü      Parenting

ü      Home and Family

ü      Health

ü      World


Or anything that is of your interest that will bring out the best in you.  Ideas in your mind, basic things, and basic creativity, basic computer knowledge on how you can present such ideas will be of help to share your ideas and interests to other people around the globe.


Having your website already at any of web-site builder of your choice to have your domain name… example:  I have here domain providers that can be of help to you…




A domain name represents the brand name of your online transaction, may it be a blog, e-commerce selling variety of items online,  services or profession that you would like to introduce and be known to people and other business that you have in mind that is always pro-government and harmless to all.


Namecheap starts at  $0.88 for its domain name, they offer free for the first year, certain TLD’s are really cheap, for more details please check your preferred TLD’s at NAMECHEAP


They have the following services


ü      Domain names – gTLD – generic Top Level Domains

ü      Domain names – cTLD – country top level Domains

ü      Hosting –Web-hosting Services

ü      Website Builder


Advantages of using Gandi



ü     All-inclusive package

ü     Free email forwarding

ü     Two-factor authentication

ü     Strong Anti-SOPA stance

ü     Free unlimited subdomains

ü     Programmatic API support.

ü     Best in basic features

ü     Private Whois registration is included

ü     Access levels and delegating is easy

ü     All-inclusive package

ü     No automatic renewal

ü     Whois protection doesn't hide the name

ü     No catch-all email forwarding

ü     Can be perceived as lacking professionalism due to the blunt "no bullshit" tagline


Euro DNS  


Experience the convenience of their risk-free domain name management.

They’ll make it easier to manage your domain name portfolio! Plus, you will receive DNS, an email package, and free SSL certificate for every domain name you transfer to them.


 The following features:


ü      Webhosting

ü      Domain Privacy

ü      Email

ü      Classic DNS

ü      SSL Certificates

If you need a cheap cloud hosting, I highly recommend host media. A Very good hosting company that has very helpful and knowledgeable agents. They have chat support, tech support always online who are ready and willing to assist you all the time. I highly recommend this hosting company because my site has been hosted with them and I find it free of hassle and worries. It is a stable company that will really help your business to grow.


to know more about their web-hosting services, cloud hosting services, shared hosting services please visit their website at


Having set up all from ideas in mind, creating your own domain unique domain, having your own web-hosting company, a website builder is important for me, because you will be able to design your site, write your articles in mind that may interest and catch other’s attention as well.


I have here lists of website builders that you can choose 







Or visit website builders

Having set all about your website, make sure you also set the following in mind, the personal purpose is also needed why you wanted to set up your website

It’s not new anymore in a real world that ways to look for money making ideas are always a part of one’s purpose. I have here a few lists of ideas on how this website earn a living: surveys such as paid -viewpointmy soapbox,earn-money-for-free that really pays.  Read and share articles such as 8share,

PPC, affiliate marketing, sell ad space, advertising, apply as a blogger, hire me page, Adsense, sell e-book and give promotional books for your readers.

I hope my experience and ideas helps you a lot to earn living daily legitimately.

Thank you for investing a few minutes of your time.


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