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I am cel-mendoza hails from the pearl of the orient sea,  the home of native and conservative land from my loving ancestors. Until this time I tried my best to keep up my work to be able to help my family. For me life has never ending journey, sometimes life is up, sometimes it's down. But one thing is for sure God is Good all the time, and of course with loving and supportive relatives from my father and mother side who never left me astray. 

I am proud to say at this moment I have almost achieved what I wanted to do things in life. To uplift my spirit, enhance my public speaking, market selected products may it be online or with actual consumers, and increase my computer abilities into a better web development continuous research and knowledge that I am humbly thankful of.  I am grateful to our dear God for granting me, very supportive parents as well as loving fiancee and only respectful brother. 

My kind purpose to create this website is to help my fellow internet users, especially beginners, to share what's in mind may it be from actual technical experience or program related knowledge. 

Thank you for investing few minutes of your time to visit, read, and learn from my site. Great Day to All.


My site will help you achieve a website that is simple but helpful