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Purpose of Website

My page would discuss the purpose of website and what are the important tools to have on your website


First and foremost the main purpose why I created this website is to help my fellow-man how to create a website of their own.


Inform the people of what are the needs to be able to create a website.


Second, is the topic that you would like to pursue to be able to create a blog

Third , think of your passion and interests. 


These three will help you a lot on how to create a website as simple, short and fast as you can.


But creating website is not that easy at all times, of course having a website must based on your own ideas, creativity and passion, it is also an art of expressing your ideas but thru the use of internet.


Important tools to create a website


     Your Ideas in Mind


     Finding a domain name for your website


     Hosting Site for your website



     Social Connections for your site exposure


My site will help you achieve a website that is simple but helpful